BioGenesis Nutraceuticals offers 130+ specialized nutritional supplement and comprehensive natural health products. These all-inclusive formulations simplify the patient prescription, optimize clinical results, and are sold exclusively to healthcare professionals.

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Pro Flora Chewables
A unique chewable probiotic specifically formulated to support the oral and nasal cavities. Provides 1 billion CFUS of S. salivarius ...

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Neurotransmitters may be depleted by stress and a hectic lifestye. Includes 60 mg of L-DOPA per serving.

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Pro Flora Intensive
A high-potency probiotic blend with 112.5 billion active colony-forming units including S. boulardii. Protected by MAKTrek...

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  • Reformulated Ultra Greens pH Reformulated Ultra Greens pH Ultra Greens pH has been reformulated to exclude nightshade vegetables! >>Click here to learn more


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Ultra Greens pH
Pro Flora Chewables

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Nutra BioGenesis Bars

BioGenesis bars are some of the best-tasting and most nutritious in the industry. Delicious flavors include chocolate, chocolate mint, peanut butter crunch ...

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